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Discover those who support our Race To Save Earth: Our Partners receives critical support from a wide variety of Partners. Clearly our ability to achieve broad educational and Earth saving objectives has been greatly accelerated as a result of this support. Today, we all need to assume eco-responsibility not only for our actions but for all humanity. One of the best ways we can counter that destruction is by patronizing and rewarding businesses that are pro-active especially those who generously support environmental change. Therefore we are requesting all individuals, CEO’s and business leaders to reward our Partners by promoting and giving them your business. Thank you!                

Presenting Our Partners – “Please support them like our Earth depends on it!

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Aligning your business with the largest synergistically designed environmental platform could not be easier. Business leaders that are serious about supporting environmental change accelerate our Earth saving mission. Becoming a Partner to an extensive environmental platform is not only the right thing to do but it also provides numerous benefits that can easily justify your business decision. and, that is Companies For Ecological Change, will work to ensure that our Partners receive the attention and benefits they deserve for their commitment to our Race To Save Earth.

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Partner Programs

Eco-Exchange Partners offers a platform and marketplace where goods and services can be exchanged toward the betterment of our Earth saving mission. Eco-Exchange Partners must first join our Partners program to demonstrate their environmental commitment. Then once your application is approved we can begin evaluating donation or exchange of goods or services.
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Consulting Partners relies on Consulting Partners to provide expert advice in their areas of expertise. Individuals and businesses that provide business, financial, legal or even environmental advice help ensure our organizations implement the most successful strategies possible. Like architects designing a five star entertainment complex our Consulting Partners play an integral role in both design and implementation.
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Referral/Affiliate Partners
By generating leads, referrals or affiliates these Partner either directly or indirectly add value to The Environmental Community. By rewarding people and web businesses our business associates enable affiliates to benefit from their online support.

Non-profits and other organizations can also benefit greatly by joining and working in unity with other like minded groups. Unique fund raising opportunities provided by our environmental business associates can provide the added value your organization needs to meet its objectives.       
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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners aggressively support our global environmental platform. Based on their substantial commitments our Strategic Partners play a vital role in our Earth saving mission. From lending personnel or managerial assistance to filling key Corporate Sponsorship positions for key Earth saving events our Strategic Partners recognize the urgency of our mission and they lend us their corporate support to ensure the success of our Earth saving initiatives.  
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Technology Partners and all of our members benefit greatly from our Technology Partners. They provide essential data, security, integration, marketing and communication programs along with other forms of technology that support our platform and services that we provide in our Earth saving mission. In our battle to save Earth both our Strategic and Technology Partners are critical to our success. We thank you for your generous support!  
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